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Personalized Dosing Software

  • Personalized Dosing Software

Personalized Protocols With Standardized Success


Personalized CT dosing software allows technologists to individually optimize contrast protocols at the point of care when using MEDRAD® smart injection systems.

Implementing personalized protocols allows you to:

  •     Facilitate implementation of multiple CT abdomen protocol strategies  
  •     Manage cardiac-imaging complexity  
  •     Enable improved protocol adherence

Our workstation helps technologists account for unique patient and study variables. Certegra® P3T personalized CT dosing software personalizes CT protocols for cardiac, pulmonary, and abdomen (liver, pancreas, and kidneys) studies.  

Specifically, Certegra® P3T 2.0 enables technologists to:

  • Preset radiologist-preferred dosing strategies, contrast concentrations, and scan timing  
  • Recall up to 250 stored protocols



Nam adipiscing

Comparison of cardiac images and enhancement of coronary tree using P3T protocol versus standard injection protocol.  

Control Group 1 received 80 mL of CM at 6 mL/s.  

P3T Group injection parameters were individually adjusted to patient weight, the duration of CT data acquisition, and attenuation parameters following a test bolus.  

For Control Group 2, the volume of CM was adjusted to the duration of CT data acquisition and injected at 5 mL/s.

Images provided through the courtesy of the University of Muenster.  

Used by permission.



The P3T® Abdomen application automatically adjusts contrast volume using an algorithm based on patient, procedure, and prescribed physician parameters.  

Images provided during evaluation through the courtesy of Rhode Island Hospital.  

Used by permission.