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Los productos vanguardistas de Bayer en radiología van de la mano con algo

igualmente valioso: servicios de primera clase.

Invertimos continuamente en tecnología a fin de asistirlo a usted y a su

paciente en todo momento

Conozca más acerca del paquete de servicios de Bayer.


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    Cuando opta por Bayer, usted tiene acceso a equipos especializados que se comprometen con cada aspecto de su cartera de soluciones de Bayer. Nuestros especialistas colaboran con usted para elaborar un plan de integración que permita que sus sistemas se adapten a las necesidades de cada departamento.

    • Los planes de integración personalizados aseguran que nuestros sistemas se ajustan a las necesidades de las interfaces de soluciones de su departamento.
    • Nuestro equipo de soporte técnico de Bayer coordinan una capacitación integrada para presentar a su equipo la tecnología nueva.
    Simplifying Integration with Bayer Project Managers


      Bayer se compromete a ayudarlo a mejorar la calidad, seguridad y atención del paciente. A fin de asegurar que usted y su equipo cuenten con todo lo necesario para alcanzar sus metas clínicas, usted tiene acceso a:

      • Nuestro equipo de especialistas en soporte clínico, que proporcionan capacitaciones presenciales y virtuales de manera que usted y su personal maximicen el potencial de su sala de radiología.
      • El portal para clientes en línea MyAcademy, donde puede acceder a la Academia de Aprendizaje a petición, así como a la información sobre gestión de activos y servicios.
      Enhancing Performance


        With Bayer’s flexible service agreements, you can protect your Bayer investment with a host of features. Service agreements help you to optimize performance and maximize uptime of your device and software solutions. Only Bayer provides: 

        • Non-obsolescence coverage for CT via TechCARETM, which allows you to update MEDRAD® Stellant CT Systems to MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX with financial flexibility
        • Engineered Predictive Maintenance (EPM) performed by Bayer-certified Service Engineers who deliver comprehensive on-site maintenance, software updates, part replacements, and more
        • Remote monitoring via VirtualCARETM
        • Remote Support to help identify issues before they become problems and provide real-time monitoring, advanced diagnostics, and rapid resolution
        • The Technical Assistance Center (TAC), which offers on-call support from specialists who deliver extensive product knowledge, software expertise, and troubleshooting experience
        • Work Status, Cases, Work Orders and Warranty Details via myRadiologySolutions.
        Maximizing Uptime


        Calculate Downtim


        Stay up and running—and up to date—with TechCARE

        TechCARE is another way Bayer brings innovative solutions to your radiology department. While traditional service contracts help ensure performance and uptime, TechCARE goes further by including next-generation CT equipment with your service agreement*—no more waiting for capital budget approval. TechCARE is a non-obsolescence program that:

        • Combines the latest hardware–like MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX–with world-class service
        • Provides hardware upgrades that are coordinated with your annual preventative service maintenance visit
        • Provides 97% uptime commitment with TechCARE* standard


        Download TechCARE Brochure


        *A three-year commitment is required and can be canceled within termination policy. Quick issue resolution with average customer calls to Bayer’s 24/7 Technical Assistance Center lasting less than 15 minutes and being resolved 44% of the time. Remote monitoring, diagnosis, and resolution of your injector issues through VirtualCareTM Remote Support. Uncompromised quality by only using genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and factory-certified Field Service Engineers.

        Our 4 Customized Solutions Offer Quality Care & Exceptional Value

        To help you protect your investment in Bayer equipment, software, and clinical services, we’ve created 4 service programs designed just for you. Whether you’re looking for enhanced coverage via SelectCARETM, comprehensive coverage with TechCARETM, or something in between, our customized solutions are designed to provide you with peace of mind.

        Our 4 customized slutions offer quality care & exceptional value

        *When the next generation monitor becomes available, customer may request one such enhancement during the term of the agreement to replace their existing monitor with the next generation Certegra® Workstation. When the next generation injector head becomes available, customer may request one such enhancement during the term to replace their existing injector head with a remanufactured injector head. The remanufactured injector head will only be compatible with new Bayer syringes as part of our complete injection system. Mounting options (Overhead Counterpoise System [OCS] and Pedestal) are excluded. Scan room enhancement will not be installed on OCS I (OCS I was last sold in 2004). Only available for MEDRAD® Stellant Dual CT Injection System

        97% uptime guarantee is only available with TechCARETM Standard level of service.


          Bayer is committed to helping you and your team set the groundwork to start achieving your enterprise goals. We offer integrated programs to:

          • Leverage Performance Excellence Resources in our online customer portal Learning Academy
          • Drive workflow optimization with support from our Clinical Performance Call Center and Technical Support teams to elevate efficiency and peak operational performance
          • Uncover cost efficiency information to support your asset management strategy and assist you with timely decision making*
          • Partner with Bayer Specialists to identify opportunities to maximize the life of your Bayer Solutions


          *Features available only to customers with a Bayer service agreement or warranty

          Driving Quality

          See how Bayer products and services are driving quality and efficiency


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            The myRadiologySolutions online portal* is your one-stop solution to help make the most of your investment in Bayer equipment, software, and clinical services. With myRadiologySolutions, you can:

            • Open, monitor, and view service and support cases for Bayer equipment, software, and clinical requests
            • Manage your Bayer assets by accessing statuses, cases, work orders, and warranties
            • Access myOrders to order disposables and track shipments
            • Learn about upcoming radiology meetings, conferences, webinars, and where to meet the Bayer in Radiology team
            • Access videos, product manuals, training resources, webinars, and more—all through the Learning Academy


            *Certain features available only to customers with a Bayer service agreement or warranty.

            Watch the myRadiologySolutions online customer portal in action


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            Calculate Downtime

            Pressures in the healthcare environment increase the need to ensure that your Bayer devices are reliable and performing at peak efficiency

            • Customers with a Bayer Service Agreement experience 29%* less downtime during an emergency service event
            • A Bayer Service Agreement provides you:
              • Quick issue resolution with average customer calls to Bayer’s Technical Assistance Center lasting less than 15 minutes and being resolved 35%* of the time
              • Uncompromised quality by only using genuine OEM parts and factory certified Field Service Engineers
              • Remote monitoring, diagnosis, and resolution of your injector issues


            Driving Quality

            Patient Care Commitments

            Driving Quality

            Quality Demands

            Driving Quality

            Budget Constraints

            Driving Quality

            Compliance Requirements

            *Estimates based on 2018 service records comparing average resolution times for service agreement customers with access to TAC (Technical Assistant Center ) and EMC (Emergency Service)  customers.



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